In October 2003, Rami Makhzoumi was appointed CEO of Future Pipe Industries, the manufacturing business his father had built. Rami had just turned 26. Over the next few years Rami launched several change programs that were focused on delivering his global vision for the business. His inspirational leadership qualities ensured that these programs were successful and Rami led Future Pipe Industries through a period of incredible growth. Tragically, Rami passed away in April 2011 at the age of 33. The CEO’s Journey is the story of Rami’s compelling journey through life.

The following video shows Rami’s life in pictures, based on the chapters of the book:

“Rami epitomised the hopes and achievements of a generation of young entrepreneurs building a new Middle East”

Dr Nasser Saidi, Formerly Chief Economist,
Dubai International Financial Centre

“From the factory floor, to the executives reporting to him, to the other board members… Rami was just a unique guy that earned great respect and a leadership role at such a young age”

Anthony Dowd, Chief of Staff, for the Office of Paul Volcker,
Former Chairman of the US President’s
Economic Recovery Advisory Board